Friday Night Question

Every Friday evening, following Kabolas Shabbos, the Rav shares a thought provoking question on the Parsha to engage the Kehilla in meaningful Torah discussions among families during their Shabbos Seudos & between friends throughout Shabbos to try to answer the question. This has led to many lively debates with the Rav on Shabbos, often times, resulting in the correct answer being developed together with the rischa d’Oraisa & the shared learning experience. The much anticipated answer is sent out via WhatsApp & email on Motzei Shabbos or Sunday.

Thursday Night Iyun Shiur

As part of the highly-acclaimed Luech Libecha Chabura (following the method of HaRav Yehoshua “Shas” Cohen, Shlit”a) that takes place at the Shul’s night Seder every weeknight, the Rav delivers an Iyun Shiur on Thursday evenings at 9:30pm on what the Chabura has learnt throughout the prior nights during that week. Participants often marvel at the profundity of the Shiur, fondly reminiscent of the Shiurim many of them recall from their Yeshiva days.

Thursday Night Mussar Va’ad

While enjoying a bowl of hot Chulent, Mishmar attendees are captivated by the wise & timeless words of the Pele Yoetz as the Rav chooses topics to present that inspire those fortunate to attend with messages relevant to elevating our daily living and discovering strategies to overcome everyday obstacles.

Sunday Morning Halacha Shiur

We are honored to have Rabbi Dovid Schwartz as one of our choshuva members! Rabbi Schwartz, with his years of experience as a Shul Rav in other communities, has been known to be an expert in Halacha and we are fortunate to be able get a taste of his erudition in Halacha – all while enjoying a delicious Avocado Toast or some of the other delectable French pastries on Sunday mornings at 9:00am (after the 8:00 Shacharis).

Semichas Chaver Program

The Semichas Chaver Program offers a once-a-week interactive shiur given by the Rav (who is available the rest of the week for questions), and supplies all participants with comprehensive notes and source material to supplement their learning. At the end of the zman, participants are encouraged to take the final exam to receive their semicha certificate signed by some of the greatest Gedolim.

The camaraderie in our close-knit chabura and the excitement from the highly relevant halachic discussions make this a one-of-a-kind learning experience that will change your life and impact your family forever.

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